A Journey to Transformation

Journey Within takes you to Andalusia, Spain, where you’ll experience a mind-blowing Islamic educational tour and revisit your goals and direction in life.
We've always heard about the beauty and splendour of Islamic Spain. It’s a reminder of the greatness that Islam can inspire in the world, and a place that cautions us about the dangers of excess and divisiveness.

Spain is a site of revival for Muslims worldwide, a place that every Muslim should visit at least once in a lifetime. Take this mind-blowing tour of Andalusia, Spain, with Maristan Retreats and our local hosts Andalucian Routes, a company with over 15 years of experience doing Islamic educational tours of Spain. 

Filled with inspiration and deep questions, pause for three days of holistic wellness in the Alpujarras Mountains and reflect on the transformation happening within you.

 Asma Ali, a Registered Psychotherapist and expert in personal wellness, will hold your hand as you reflect on your life, challenges and goals,
 and determine how best to move forward from here.

Inspirational stories, beautiful and positive company, healthy eating, tai chi, yoga and mountain trekking, therapy, prayer and personal reflection will further your transformation and enable you to return home renewed, with clarity and a plan for personal change.

What's special about Journey Within?

Who's it for?

What will a retreat do for you?

Hear all about the Retreat from Journalist, Poet and Writer, Amal Ahmed Albaz, while at the retreat in the Alpujarras Mountains, Spain.

Journey Within  
and experience... 

A riveting exploration of Islamic Spain.

Muslims lived in Andalucia, Spain for 800 years before they were completely exterminated. Visit the sites and monuments that mark this remarkable history, reflect on the lessons learned from the founders, leaders and these European Muslims, and draw parallels and lessons to what's happening in your life today.

Featuring a guided tour of major sites in Cordoba, Granada and the Alpujarras Mountains by the Director of Andalucian Routes, a tour company specializing in Islamic educational tours of Spain.
A retreat from everyday life, to renew your relationship with your Creator.

As you reflect on lessons from Islamic history and events in the world today, take a look within yourself at your relationship with your true Self, your Creator, and other Creations around you. Re-establish a more genuine connection through Islamic spiritual practices, and also through looking at mental and emotional obstacles to spirituality.
One to one experience with a Registered Psychotherapist

As you uncover and nurture your spiritual self, identify and address emotional and psychological challenges that prove to be obstacles in your journey. Asma Ali, Director of Concentric Care, will lead you through this therapeutic process. You’ll have the chance to sit down with Asma for one-one sessions, as well as discussing these issues in presentations and group discussions. Participate as much or as little as you wish. Your sharing, personal work and journey will be honoured, respected and in adherence to Concentric Care principles.
Immersion in a healing environment with prayer, exercise, healthy eating and wellness practices.

Every day at the retreat will be infused with healing practices including prayer, recitation of the Qur’an, healthy eating, and time for reflection. In addition, we will practice tai chi and yoga in the mountains, and go mountain trekking. Together, these practices will be a catalyst to your personal transformation and inspire you to continue them upon your return home.

Your guides for Journey Within,  2018

Asma Maryam Ali

Registered Psychotherapist

Tariq Mahmood

Director,  Andalucian Routes

Amjad Tarsin

Head Chaplain and Executive Director,
Muslim Chaplaincy of Toronto

Who's Journey Within for?

If you're in need of a break...

come relax, reflect and rejuvenate yourself holistically while witnessing the splendours of Islamic Spain

If you're struggling...

personally, professionally or otherwise, take time away and work with experts on your struggle, while relaxing and enjoying Islamic Spain

If you want to strengthen yourself or family...

come learn the lessons from Islamic Spain and also learn about self-care

What's included in your costs...

Education and Personal Growth

  • Islamic Educational Tour with Andalucian Routes
  • All excursions and guided tours to sites
  • The Journey Within therapeutic process with Asma Ali, Registered Psychotherapist

Comfortable Transportation

  • Pick-up and drop-off from and to the Malaga Airport at the start and end dates (at specified times)
  • Ground transportation throughout

Three/Four-Star Accomodation

  • You'll stay at 3/4 star hotels in Cordoba, Granada and the Alpujarras Mountains 
  • Your accomodations will be close to the old quarters and many precious sites
  • Islamic needs (i.e. prayer, halal restaurants nearby) will be addressed.


  • Breakfast each day
  • You can purchase meals for lunch and dinner. We will recommend restaurants that serve halal meals

Retreat Costs

Single Person
(Shared Room, 2 Persons per Room)

$2,500.00 (Canadian)
Early Bird Discount: 
$2250 for first 10 Registrants

$300.00 non-refundable deposit required per person for registration. *

Deposit and Pay for the Journey Within Retreat

Single Person
Individual Room

$2,750.00 (Canadian)
Early Bird Discount: 
$2500 for first 10 Registrants

$300.00 non-refundable deposit required per person for registration. *

Deposit and Pay for the Journey Within Retreat

Infants and Children

Children 2-12 years

$1500.00 + optional childcare
Infants 0-2 years

$300.00 + Optional Childcare
Infants and Children

$100.00 non-refundable deposit required for each infant or child for registration.*
Deposit and Pay for the Journey Within Retreat

* If you cancel after making a deposit, the deposit will be considered credit with Concentric Care Inc. and will be put towards a future retreat/program with us.
To complete your registration and to reserve your space, a deposit must be made for each participant. 
Please remember spaces are limited. 

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